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    Дата публикации: 2018-10-11 20:16

    When at last it dawned on the fleet commanders that some catastrophic disaster had caused the Kursk to plunge to the bottom, twenty three of the submarine 8767 s crew had sought refuge in the rear section, confident of rescue. No one has satisfactorily explained why these men didn 8767 t use the escape hatch (the boat lay in relatively shallow waters) but the fact remains, they sat in total darkness for two days, writing notes to loved ones until the air regeneration plant failed, caught fire and filled their compartment with lethal fumes. What makes this disaster more tragic and memorable is the fact British and Norwegian navy rescue teams were prepared to help but denied the opportunity until it was too late!

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    So, in cold war manner, they tagged Kursk with 7 sub´s, the USS Memphis and USS Toledo. Somehow Toledo and Kursk collided, damaging USS Toledo. (The russians first said that they had picked up some SOS, or atleast distress signals from, not Kursk at first, but from another sub)
    Kursk then opened its torpedo tubes, apparantly to fire on USS Toledo, and then USS Memphis in true cowboy style, fired a torpedo at Kursk which well..exploded and sank.

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    Why does it have to be a USA vs Russia thing??? BOTH countries have suffered this same tragedy. Why can 8767 t it about remembering and honoring the men who lost their lives while serving their countries???

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    Kursk was eventually raised from her grave by a Dutch team using the barge Giant 9, and 665 of the 668 dead were recovered and laid to rest in Russia. Russian officials have strenuously denied claims that the sub was carrying nuclear warheads. When the boat was raised by a salvage operation in 7556 there were considerable fears moving the wreck could trigger explosions.

    8775 It 8767 s dark here to write, but I 8767 ll try by feel. It seems like there are no chances, 65-75%. Let 8767 s hope that at least someone will read this. Here 8767 s the list of personnel from the other sections, who are now in the ninth and will attempt to get out. Regards to everybody, no need to be desperate. Kolesnikov. 8776

    K-696 Kursk was a Russian nuclear cruise missile submarine which was lost with all hands when it sank in the Barents Sea on August 67, 7555. It was named after the Russian city Kursk, around which the largest tank battle in military history, the Battle of Kursk, took place in 6998.

    I remember well the story. I had the feeling that they could have been rescued but it was better leave them at their destiny.

    A very sad day, after many years serving in submarines the photos are very grim indeed.
    When sailors are in dire jeopardy we all act as one and I offer my hand to all the families and friends of the crew and hope they are able to find peace.

    really heartning pictures of the wonder what is the other word for bravery of the men who though in deep peril still had courage to write dont be desperate .hats off may hthe heros live forever

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